Securus Technologies Provides Clarification To Misleading Allegations Provided By Global Tel Link

Securus Technology strives to supply affordable, dependable methods of communication for incarcerated individuals and their families. Global Tel Link, a competitor of Securus, is attempting to stop Securus from providing inmates with the communication services that they have been offering. By stating that they are seeking to file injunctions against Securus, GTL is spreading false claims that would present Securus in a negative light. Securus published an article in which they correct and clarify some of the inaccurate statements made by GTL.


GTL’s accusations are entirely dependent upon their claims being preserved by PTAB. Since PTAB hasn’t reviewed any of their claims, the statements that GTL is making against Securus are unsubstantiated and don’t have any merit.


GTL states that PTAB has preserved all 55 claims of their patent feature which enables corrections staff to monitor visitations when in fact, PTAB hasn’t even reviewed these claims. Securus maintains that even if PTAB were to review these claims, that it does not use the fundamental security feature that GTL is claiming as an infringement. GTL also tries to paint Securus as a bully amongst industry competitors when in fact, Securus has reached many intelligent and mutually beneficial arrangements with companies that also use their patented technology.


Securus Technologies is a provider of civil and criminal justice technologies. In regards to their telecommunication platforms, Securus’ goal is to offer affordable, dependable solutions to meet the communication needs of inmates and their families.



Anthony Petrello -From Mathmatical Whiz Kid to Business Genius

Anthony Petrello came from a working class family from Newark New Jersey. He was so smart that he managed to acquire scholarships on to help him advance so money for his education wasn’t a hardship on his family. He also had a quick wit and a sense of humor which made him fast to like. He managed to stand out in a huge college class of standout freshman.

Once Anthony Petrello made it to college his mathematical genius was recognized by some world renowned mathematicians such as Professor Serge Lang. Professor Lang who died in 2005 had taken Tony on as his protege. According to Lloyd Grove, Mr. Petrello’s freshman college roommate, Tony’s mathematical genius was akin to the likes of Will in Good Will Hunting.

Anthony Petrello decided to go on to law school after receiving his BS and MS in Mathematics from Yale, instead of staying with the field of Mathematics. While the field of Mathematical research on LinkedIn and Academia most certainly lost out, the fields of law and business did not. Tony turned his sights first to law and worked with the law firm of Baker & McKenzie which he joined in 1979; and then turned to business and oil in 1991 when his career at Nabors Industries began.

Anthony Petrello specialized in international arbitration and corporate law as well as taxation when he worked at the Baker and McKenzie law firm. He moved up very quickly to managing partner and was based in the New York offices until 1991 when he resigned with the firm and moved on to Nabors. The experience that Tony acquired working with the firm in New York as well as in the legal system formed a firm basis for his business acumen at Nabors and helped him to navigate many a murky business stream at

Nabors Industries was a client of Baker & McKenzie and quickly saw the raw talent in Anthony Petrello. Tony felt it was time to move on and got on board with Nabors Industries on He moved to Houston Texas and began the new phase in his life, Businessman. He was hired on as a member of the Board of Directors immediately upon joining the company in 1991. He was elected to the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors that same year. Tony Petrello has been the Chief Operating Officer and the Chairman of the Executive committee since 2011. In 2011 he became the Chief Executive Officer of Nabors and has been there ever since.

Tony Petrello has succeeded in keeping Nabors Industries successful and this is obvious because they have enjoyed a stock share price that has increased by 180% since his inception. His primary job as CEO has been to make sure the company goes in the right direction to enable them to be successful. He is also charged with keeping strategic planning initiatives for the direction and competitiveness of the company, in order for it to succeed and excel in a changing market. The numbers proved that Anthony Petrello has indeed been successful in his endeavors and responsibilities.

Wengie Breaks Down 20 DIY and Life Hacks for the Holidays

Popular YouTuber Wengie breaks down 20 DIY and life hacks for the holidays in the usual quirky and fun style that longtime watchers will be familiar with, along with her typical intro including her usual hug and some discussion about her giveaways .


In keeping with the holiday spirit, Wengie’s video focus on the holidays with hacks and DIYs from decorations to proper Christmas light storage. She starts by demonstrating a method for creating small holiday scenes inside mason jars. Similar to snow globes, her jars create winter wonderlands minus the water – but they still let it snow!


The video shows off a few other decorations for the holidays as well, such as crystalline ornaments created using pipe cleaners and borax and Christmas tree table decorations constructed out of twine, hot glue, and mini tree ornaments.


Some of Wengie’s hacks are related to the practical side of the holidays, like her rubbish bin made from wrapping paper to not disrupt the picture-perfect holiday backdrop for snapshots. The idea she shares for storing Christmas lights is also practical (she wraps them neatly around clothes hangers for easy storage and less tangles).


There are also several fun ideas for holiday parties and gatherings, including a Santa-themed take on the classic red party cup and a napkin folding technique to turn napkins into Christmas tree shapes. The DIY hacks don’t stop with the tableware, though, and Wengie creates mini Santas using strawberries and cream and an adorable snowman out of marshmallows to top off mugs of hot cocoa.


Wengie also manages to make several messes with fake snow (she has two separate methods for making snow, one using the stuffing of diapers and the other using shaving cream and baking soda), and Mia the cat helps out with her fair share of mess making too. The hot cocoa was simply too tasty to resist! And apparently the strawberry Santas were tasty too, as Mia made short work of sneaking some cream for herself.

Why New Zealand Is Seeing An Uptick In Foreign Trusts

Recent press coverage of foreign trusts in New Zealand have made it seem that the country is now a tax haven. Geoffrey Cone, of the law firm Cone Marshall has debunked this in an article. The country is seeing an increase in the number of foreign trusts and assets for reasons other than being a tax haven.

If you look what makes a nation a tax haven, you will see that New Zealand is not one. Tax havens have no or marginal taxes, a lack of transparency and rules that prohibit the sharing of information with other governments about a client or trust. New Zealand does not have any of these. The country also does not have a secret private banking industry like Switzerland for example that is vulnerable to money laundering.

Instead, Geoffrey Cone argues that New Zealand is seeing an increase of trusts because it is viewed as a very safe and stable environment to hold a trust or keep assets in. A high number of skilled and highly qualified legal and financial professionals is another reason why people are flocking to New Zealand and opening up foreign trusts. People know that their trusts will be safe, secure and managed well and according to the law.

New Zealand is a party to the 2002 OECD Model Agreement on Exchange of Information on Tax Matters. The country also has strict record keeping laws on all foreign trusts and assets held in the country and administered from New Zealand. This makes it nearly impossible for people to launder money in New Zealand or for the country to act as a tax haven. New Zealand has one of the most transparent economies and tax systems in the world, similar to the United States and United Kingdom. Coupled with stability and security, this is why trusts are springing up here. It is not because the country is a tax haven.

One of the leading law firms that handle affairs of taxes, trusts, including foreign trusts and estates in New Zealand is Cone Marshall. The law firm is led by Karen Marshall and Geoffrey Cone. Mr. Cone is a longtime professional and expert in legal affairs with regards to taxes and estates. His partner, Karen Marshall, joined the firm in 2005.

Mrs. Marshall worked in England for 10 years before coming to New Zealand and working for Cone Marshall. Her previous job in England was a commercial litigator. She now works as an advisor to trust companies in New Zealand and has many years of managing trusts under her belt.

Securus Technologies Shows Great strength

Success is always on the doorstep of Securus Technologies. Their employees have received the BICSI Installer 1 Certification for their knowledge and dedication from the BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International company. Securus Technologies has proudly thanked their employees for the huge accomplishment that makes them stand out even more as a huge entity in their field. When Securus Technologies thanked BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International for their special work, they were grateful also. Securus Technologies takes immense pride in what their fantastic team does on a regular basis.


Securus Technologies


Using the immense knowledge and expertise of Securus Technologies for the public’s safety has made them known all over the world. Securus Technologies implements monitoring and correction devices with the justice departments, which included both the civil and criminal sides of it. The Securus Technologies ways of completing their duties in North America are exceptional, making them the leader at what they do on a regular basis.


BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International


An impressive leader in their field, BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International is always assisting the information and communication technology field in great ways. BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International institutes certification, training and other measures that increase many companies’ ways for profitability. For great results, many companies use BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International for their extreme knowledge. The BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International has a future that looks to be filled with great successes,


For their leadership in a difficult field, Securus Technologies is seeing immense rewards for their successes. Securus Technologies is creating new and innovative ways to deal with the public safety issues every day. With Securus Technologies at the helm, the future is looking good for everyone involved. When Securus Technologies makes plans for new innovations, they are sure that they can produce the desired effects as the world knows.

What is Kabbalah? : Kabbalah Centre

Kabbalah is a prehistoric model for living that teaches that all the branches of human life, such as careers, relationships, and health, originate from a single source. This paradigm focuses on guiding people to connect to the permanent fulfillment they are seeking in the right way. It is essential to appreciate that Kabbalah is more about becoming more selfless and less egocentric than focusing on self.

The principles that Kabbalah teaches, according to the Kabbalah Centre, apply to all faiths and religions. Besides, Kabbalah holds that there is no compulsion in spirituality, and, therefore, it is immoral to force people to think in a particular way. The purpose of studying Kabbalah is to gather pieces of information and apply the ones a student finds relevant in his or her life with the intention of bettering it.

For centuries, a tradition of hidden knowledge existed, so only the educated and married Jewish men over the age of forty had access to the study of Kabbalah. This tradition ended in 1969 when Rav Phillip Berg became the Director of the Kabbalah Centre for the first time. The decision of Rav Phillip to make the teachings available to everyone who was interested came with many challenges, as it amounted to defying a 4,000-year-old tradition. However, despite the resistance, the Kabbalah Centre has grown from a small organization to an international organization serving nearly four million students and more than 100 study groups.

Rav Phillip Berg and Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein founded the Kabbalah Centre in the United States in 1965. Brandwein, in turn, became the dean of Yeshivah Kol Yehuda in Isreal, a Kabbalah Centre branch that was founded in 1922. Since 1984, the headquarters of the organization has been in Los Angeles.

The Kabbalah centre uses a teaching approach that introduces new learners to practical methods that do not make previous Jewish and Hebrew knowledge a precondition for understanding. The center also has a strong belief in astrology and holds that astrology has always been part of Judaism. During his career, Rav Berg, the founder of the non-profit organization, wrote extensively on astrology. Kabbalists agree with him that cosmic forces affect everything and learning to interpret them can prove valuable to any aspiring Kabbalist.

The Strength of Business Women Like Malini Saba

Malini Saba is one of the best when it comes to inspiring women in the business world. Her business life operation is twofold. She has a business for investing called Saban and a non-profit organization called the Stree Foundation. That right there should be all the inspiration that women would need, but she has even more things that inspire women.

In addition to starting two businesses, Malini Saba is a philanthropist. I have found myself trying to figure out how someone that grew up in a regular middle class household would become a multi-millionaire that could give away a million dollars to help start a hospital. How does someone that only has $200 to her name at the age of 19 become a woman that could pledge $10 million to the victims of the Tsunami when it occurred? That is the thing that puzzled me. I was inspired to read more and find out more about Malini Saba.

Saba has stated that she loves the commodities industry. She doesn’t shy away from the fact that she has lost a lot of money in the past from some investments that have gone horribly wrong, but these are all life lessons. Every investor – at some point in their life – will make bad investment decisions. What I know, however, is that she has made a lot more good investment decisions than bad. Otherwise, she would not be where she is today.

It is just interesting to see how she moved up the ladder in the corporate world when she didn’t have any real connections to any people in power. There are a lot of people that get to the top because of who they know. Malini moved from Malaysia to Australia to America all before she turned 20 years of age. She was never in a position to meet and build any important connections in her youth that would help her make her career advancement easier in her adult life. She was someone that knew that she would have to study hard at Stanford and make it on her own.

There is a lot of praise for her ability to lead in an industry where men are often taking the lead. Saba knows that she is good as what she does, but she is always striving to be a better boss. Her dedication to her businesses is quite inspiring to me.