Securus Technologies Helping Keep Drugs Out of Jail

One of the biggest problems me and my fellow corrections officers face on a daily basis is locating and keeping drugs out of the prison. The most frustrating part of this task is knowing the inmates believe that they can get their hands on drugs with more ease than when they were out on the streets. Despite us making use of a number of resources, the drugs seem to continue to flow without any sign of slowing.


Each day we go through different routines in our efforts to stop drug use behind prison walls. One of the most successful efforts is in the visitor center. Here is where inmates are in very close quarters with guests, so we have to really check each person before and after the meeting to ensure nothing can change hands. We follow-up those visits with a cell inspection, in case the inmates are hiding things after the meetings. We even listen to inmate phone calls to try and get a jump on what they may be up to concerning illegal contraband.


When we first heard about Securus Technologies installing our telephone monitoring system, we already were having marginal success listening to the inmates talk on the phone. What we discovered was that the new LBS software was capable of doing the work of half my team, listening to every conversation while alerting us if any specific drug chatter was picked up. We didn’t know at the time how important this new resource was going to be in our efforts to clean up this prison.


Now when inmates are talking to their friends or family on the phone about how they get drugs, who is bringing in drugs, or where they are able to keep those drugs inside the jail, we can spring to action instantly and take those items away from them.

Ensuring Your Invention In A Success

Being creative and coming up with an idea that will solve a problem that people experience on a daily basis may be something that you have dreamed about ever since you were very young. However, you may not have been aware that it takes much more than creativity to make the most of any invention that you may have in mind. Once it is time to get things off of the ground level, you are going to need professionals that know how to make an idea a reality.

Getting things rolling may not be something that falls within your natural skill set, but calling upon the right professionals can make all of the difference in the world. Sawyer Howitt and Meriwether Group exists to help inventors with every aspect of making an invention a success from analytics and market research to advisory services that can help ensure you make the most of opportunities present within the market.

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Once you begin to move forward with your invention, you would find that the Sawyer Howitt Meriwether Group has so much more to offer. Sourcing and manufacturing would be two of the most important services that are offered to a new inventor. Where you turn to have your items manufactured would determine the quality and the amount of money that you can expect to make from each sale. Since these are two of the most important aspects of any product released onto the market, you do not want to simply leave them to chance. Instead, you want the Sawyer Howitt Meriwether Group to help you take care of these elements. According to BizJournals, they would be able to help you with content creation that would ensure people become aware of what you are selling and why they would benefit from choosing to purchase your product.

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Your Personal Cyber Security is Important

Over the past several years there has been an increase in the rate of cyber attacks. The severity of more recent attacks has been so great that hundreds of thousands of computers in multiple countries can be infected with just one virus. The threat of a cyber attack is a matter of personal cyber security that should be addressed by everyone.

It was reported that between 2013 and 2015, costs as a result of cyber crime went up by a factor of four. In addition to the increased frequency, the attacks are becoming more destructive. Hackers target a wide range of individuals and organizations, and anyone could be at risk.


Rubica is a personal cyber security service dedicated to protecting each individual’s privacy. Their cyber security experts will actively monitor for hackers while customers browse on a private network. Rubica has over 10 years of experience working with security needs across the world.


Rubica partners with other groups and firms to comprehensively serve the needs of their clients and educate about the importance of personal cyber security (DigitalMode). It is becoming increasingly important to consider your own cyber security.


The Osteo Relief Institute Can Fix Your Osteoarthritis Pain

Arthritis is a highly misunderstood condition. It refers to joint pain or joint disease in general, and greater than 50 million Americans have some form of arthritis. It is most common among women, becomes more frequent as people get older is the leading cause of disability in the nation. The Osteo Relief Institute are dedicated to the fight against osteoarthritis.

The most common type of arthritis is osteoarthritis, or degenerative joint disease. Degeneration of cartilage between joints causes osteoarthritis. As this cartilage thins, bones rub against each other, causing pain, stiffness and swelling.

There is no cure for the condition, but the Osteo Relief Institute recommends a few as-home treatment options which may help:

  • Gentle stretching before bed will help people wake up less stiff in the morning, as will walking around every half hour or so, especially when sitting or working for long periods.
  • Avoiding repetitive movements–putting too much pressure on one joint may lead to injury.
  • Weight loss removes stress from joints, which can relieve weight-related osteoarthritis.
  • Remember that low-impact exercise like swimming, aerobic riding, or cycling can help reduce weight and improve mood without putting high-impact on an already-damaged joint.

The Osteo Relief Institute offers one of the most advanced OA knee treatments available. We use the latest devices to help pinpoint a patient’s pain and provide the most accurate and precise knee osteoarthritis treatment. The Osteo Relief Institute is a multidisciplinary clinic, which means it employs certified physical therapists and certified physicians who work hand-in-hand to treat osteoarthritis patients.

The Osteo Relief Institute’s goal is to help patients on their feet and better than ever without surgery, and to provide long-lasting pain relief. It offers a free introductory screening to see if their treatment options may be helpful for patients.

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Nutrient Rich Beneful Healthy Puppy Food

Beneful Healthy puppy food is the top of the line dog food for growing puppies. Everyone wants the best for their new addition, and Beneful Healthy puppy food is the beltway to make sure you are doing right by your puppy and offering the best of the best. The food contains DHA which is essential in aiding with your puppy’s developing brain and eyesight. Lesser foods skimp out on that ingredient, but Beneful believes it is entirely necessary to give puppies to boost they need. The chicken flavor is hugely popular and it even comes with chicken as the main ingredient. The chicken flavor is supplemented by carrots and peas in order to squeeze in some extra nutrients and healthy ingredients.

Beneful Healthy puppy food is a great option for many different breeds. The kibbles pieces are small enough to be safe for a very small dog, while also containing the high levels of protein and nutrients that are larger and more active puppy needs while growing up. The nutrients in Beneful Healthy puppy food is catered to help support strong teeth and growing bones, so it is very calcium rich in nature. Coupons are available on the Beneful website.

Arthur Becker: Finding a New Path

For decades, Arthur Becker invested in tech and biotech companies. He made most of his fortune with companies like NaviSite. NaviSite was one of his biggest successes. He joined the company in the early 2000s and ran it until 2010. A year later, the company was bought by Time Warner Cable for $230 million. After the sale, he ran Zinio, a publishing platform.

Throughout his career, Becker has dabbled in many industries. He doesn’t specialize in anything particular. He’s worked in finance, tech, art, real estate, and even fashion. For seven years, he served as a senior advisor for the Vera Wang fashion company.

After leaving Zinio, Becker became more involved in real estate. He discovered he was talented a picking and developing amazing buildings. He’d invested in the real estate market before; back in Vermont, he restored old buildings. Today, he’s overseeing the development of several primed to sell buildings. Check out Crunchbase to know more.

His path to real estate excelled after his acquired 10 Sullivan Street. Prior to Sullivan Street, most of his real estate activity was a silent partner. He’d backed renowned investors like Michael Stern and Kevin Maloney. Most of his investments were in properties in New York and Florida.

After acquiring 10 Sullivan Street, Arthur Becker was approached by Maloney and Robert Gladstone’s Madison Equities. Becker exchanged his ownership of 10 Sullivan Street for three adjacent townhouses, also on Sullivan Street. He immediately began development. While it’s unclear exactly how much Becker spent on the projects, it is clear that he plans on living in one of the townhouses and selling the remaining two.

The 66-year-old former stockbroker believes his real success is just luck. He got into the market at the right time and bought the right properties. In many people’s opinion, Arthur Becker is selling himself short. Check out Ideamensch to know more.

As his projects draw to an end, he’s becoming more artistic. His Tribeca office doubles as his art studio. Many of his properties display his currency-inspired artwork. His interest in money is a reflection of society’s obsession.

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A Review of Cotemar Mexico’s Services and Employee Reviews

Cotemar Mexico is a Mexican company that offers services in a number of areas. These include petroleum services, offshore construction, maritime services, specialized ships and offshore maintenance. Cotemar focuses on the provision of high quality services that are safe in order to fully meet the needs and expectations of its clientele base. The company also takes a number of steps towards fulfilling its sustainability obligations. Here is a review of the steps and strategy that the company takes in order to ensure its sustainability as well as reviews of its employees.


Company Values


Cotemar relies on its business ethics to communicate its guidelines, which support its transparency and other values that lead the company. Cotemar is based on an economic and social environmental commitment, values that are shared by everyone at the company. The company works hard to ensure that its employees lead a better quality of life by encouraging the fundamental commitment of all people as well as their families. This is done through industrial safety, health, equity program, education, sports and events that encourage the sense of family integration and belonging. Further, the company raises environmental awareness and care by backing sustainable operation schemes.


Services Rendered


In order to effectively deliver its services, Cotemar uses three tactical lines. Its first strategic line is the engineering, construction, modernization and maintenance. Cotemar focuses on modernization and innovation of its client processing platforms and centers e.g. in offshore assembly, prefabrication and installations. Its second tactical line is the specialized marine boats where the company transports light materials, food and personnel. It also has barges, tow ships and fire-fighting ships capable of transporting huge loads. All of these ships are properly monitored and inspected to ensure the safety of both facilities and personnel inside. Thirdly, the company offers food and lodging services, which take the form of ironing, bedding services, washing, preparing foodstuff and cleaning of all common areas.


Employees’ Views on Working for Cotemar


A number of Cotemar employees aired their views on how it feels like working for the company. A high number of these employees lauded the company for ensuring that it provides them with a pleasant working environment thereby reducing the occurrence of accidents. Cotemar trains its employees on the proper work and safety standards in order to ensure they are responsible while working. A majority of the employees also lauded the excellent lodging facilities and food that the company provides as well as its commitment towards them. Cotemar offers all employees great off days.


The Life and Achievements of Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani or better known by his full name of Hussain Ali Sajwani is an Arabic businessman and founder of the famous global property development company called DAMAC properties. Hussain Sajwani was born in the year 1956 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and has been well known in the industry of assets market expansion in Dubai. As one of the pioneers, he built a, growing number of hotels all over the United Emirates to help accommodate the growing population of people who continue to enter the country as well as those who are already a resident and citizen.



Hussain Sajwani has continually made a name for himself as an influential investor and businessman. Through his continuous efforts, he currently holds some significant investment portfolios of securities in a lot of global and regional markets.



After graduating college at the University of Washington, Hussain Sajwani jump-started his career as a Contracts Manager in a company named Gasco, which is a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company or ADNOC for short. Shortly after, he started his own business, which then led to his catering venture in the year 1982. In the year 2002, he began to identify market opportunities, and that’s how DAMAC Properties was established, which up to do this day has grown to be one of the biggest property development companies in the entire Middle East.



Currently, DAMAC Properties employs nearly 2000 people and is a publicity-listed company with trades shared in the Dubai Financial Market. The Hussain Sajwani family made sure to build the companies reputation and continually made an effort to make the company’s track record flawless when it comes to the luxury development market.



The DAMAC owner, Hussain Sajwani also joined forces with some of the most recognizable lifestyle and fashion brands in the world to bring exciting and new living concepts to the market. Some of their projects include golf course designed apparel from Tiger Woods, which will be soon managed by the Trump Organization, Luxurious apartments with interiors made of Italian Fashion houses like Fendi, and Versace, Luxury villas designed and styled by Bugatti, and Uniquely conceptualized Resorts and Hotels which are paramount to deliver serviced living at its finest.



Through Hussain Sajwani’s vision, the growth of DAMAC has extraordinarily grown to the successful business it is today.


CTRMA And Their New Mobility Services

Mike Heiligenstein is the director of the CTRMA, and he is in control of mobility in the center of Texas. He has come out with many new options for mobility in the middle of the state, and he wants the people of the state to have many ways to get around.

There are bus and rail options that may be deployed, and this article explains how Mike is providing the best new transport options to the people. Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein:

#1: What May Be Added?

Mike wishes to add rail and bus lines to the state that will help connect cities and towns. There are many people who will benefit from these transportation options because they do not have a reliable form of transportation, and he knows that there are many people who will use new bus routes or rail lines because they must get to work.

#2: What Is The Purpose Of Light Rail?

Mike Heiligenstein is proposing light rail as a simple way to get around the state, and he wants the people of the state to partake in light rail when they are traveling.

He believes that everyone who is using these transportation options will have an easier time getting around the state, and they may connect to the Amtrak lines that come through the state.

This would be a symbiotic relationship that works for all, and it will help Texas become an easier state to traverse.

#3: The Bus Lines

There are many bus lines that must be added to smaller towns in Texas, and each of these bus lines will give the people of the state a simple way to travel to work. Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein:

All the bus routes will connect to one another as they reach from one town to another, and the bus routes may be added quickly with the purchase of new buses. Mike believes that the public will enjoy these lines, and he is holding many different forums on the subject.

#4: Community Input

Mike is asking for community input, and he knows that the state will be a much better place to travel once he takes all concerns into account. There are many things he must hear before releasing his ideas, and he will start work as soon as he is ready.

Mike Heiligenstein has been one of the best transportation directors in the country. Someone who is searching for a better way to travel around Texas may trust the CTRMA.


The Communications Platform of Securus Technologies is One That Should Be Implemented Into the Communications Departments of Many More Correctional Facilities Today

Securus Technologies is a communications platform that’s opening up many opportunities for not only its immediate users, but also those who live in communities that surround the correctional facilities the program has been installed in. Securus Technologies isn’t necessarily a form of communications that is utilized in our regular day to day activities in normal work environments. It is a form of communication that’s been set up primarily for inmates and visitors of theirs to utilize for the purposes of conducting visitation sessions in which their communications consist of chatting via methods of video conferencing.


If you’re wanting to know whether the program of Securus Technologies is something that’s solely benefiting its immediate users, then you may be glad to know that you may be benefiting from having it incorporated into the communicative systems of your correctional facility as well. This is mainly due to law enforcement agencies having access to the communications that occur between inmates and those who chat with them as visitors. If either of the parties of the video chat sessions happen to mention anything related to criminal matters, it’s highly likely law enforcement officials will utilize the segments as evidence to pursue criminal investigations. Not only are crimes being detected and solved with the utilization of Securus Technologies, it is also one that is acting as a catalyst of deterring crimes/preventing them from occurring in the first place. This is due to inmates in prisons being made aware of the particular program of Securus Technologies being utilized within the communicative systems of their correctional facilities, thus, discouraging them from engaging in criminal activities, as they know that anything that they do can be mentioned over the lines of communications by other inmates with the visitors that they speak to. It is a system that is essentially keeping everything in balance and one that should be utilized in more correctional facilities today.