What is Kabbalah? : Kabbalah Centre

Kabbalah is a prehistoric model for living that teaches that all the branches of human life, such as careers, relationships, and health, originate from a single source. This paradigm focuses on guiding people to connect to the permanent fulfillment they are seeking in the right way. It is essential to appreciate that Kabbalah is more about becoming more selfless and less egocentric than focusing on self.

The principles that Kabbalah teaches, according to the Kabbalah Centre, apply to all faiths and religions. Besides, Kabbalah holds that there is no compulsion in spirituality, and, therefore, it is immoral to force people to think in a particular way. The purpose of studying Kabbalah is to gather pieces of information and apply the ones a student finds relevant in his or her life with the intention of bettering it.

For centuries, a tradition of hidden knowledge existed, so only the educated and married Jewish men over the age of forty had access to the study of Kabbalah. This tradition ended in 1969 when Rav Phillip Berg became the Director of the Kabbalah Centre for the first time. The decision of Rav Phillip to make the teachings available to everyone who was interested came with many challenges, as it amounted to defying a 4,000-year-old tradition. However, despite the resistance, the Kabbalah Centre has grown from a small organization to an international organization serving nearly four million students and more than 100 study groups.

Rav Phillip Berg and Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein founded the Kabbalah Centre in the United States in 1965. Brandwein, in turn, became the dean of Yeshivah Kol Yehuda in Isreal, a Kabbalah Centre branch that was founded in 1922. Since 1984, the headquarters of the organization has been in Los Angeles.

The Kabbalah centre uses a teaching approach that introduces new learners to practical methods that do not make previous Jewish and Hebrew knowledge a precondition for understanding. The center also has a strong belief in astrology and holds that astrology has always been part of Judaism. During his career, Rav Berg, the founder of the non-profit organization, wrote extensively on astrology. Kabbalists agree with him that cosmic forces affect everything and learning to interpret them can prove valuable to any aspiring Kabbalist.

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