Wengie Breaks Down 20 DIY and Life Hacks for the Holidays

Popular YouTuber Wengie breaks down 20 DIY and life hacks for the holidays in the usual quirky and fun style that longtime watchers will be familiar with, along with her typical intro including her usual hug and some discussion about her giveaways .


In keeping with the holiday spirit, Wengie’s video focus on the holidays with hacks and DIYs from decorations to proper Christmas light storage. She starts by demonstrating a method for creating small holiday scenes inside mason jars. Similar to snow globes, her jars create winter wonderlands minus the water – but they still let it snow!


The video shows off a few other decorations for the holidays as well, such as crystalline ornaments created using pipe cleaners and borax and Christmas tree table decorations constructed out of twine, hot glue, and mini tree ornaments.


Some of Wengie’s hacks are related to the practical side of the holidays, like her rubbish bin made from wrapping paper to not disrupt the picture-perfect holiday backdrop for snapshots. The idea she shares for storing Christmas lights is also practical (she wraps them neatly around clothes hangers for easy storage and less tangles).


There are also several fun ideas for holiday parties and gatherings, including a Santa-themed take on the classic red party cup and a napkin folding technique to turn napkins into Christmas tree shapes. The DIY hacks don’t stop with the tableware, though, and Wengie creates mini Santas using strawberries and cream and an adorable snowman out of marshmallows to top off mugs of hot cocoa.


Wengie also manages to make several messes with fake snow (she has two separate methods for making snow, one using the stuffing of diapers and the other using shaving cream and baking soda), and Mia the cat helps out with her fair share of mess making too. The hot cocoa was simply too tasty to resist! And apparently the strawberry Santas were tasty too, as Mia made short work of sneaking some cream for herself.

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