Todd Lubar Takes Legendary Properties to New Heights

Todd Lubar entered the world of real estate in 1995, and since then has been making the waves as a prominent member of the field. As soon as Todd started working in the field, it dawned on him that real estate was an area he would want to spend his entire life in. His passion for real estate coupled with his extremely proficient business strategies is what has made Todd successful in the field. While working towards his goal of being a successful real estate developer, Todd also strives to help the community around him as well as the clients and residents he serves.

Todd first entered the world of real estate when he began working with Legacy Financial Group. Through this, Todd gained precious knowledge in the field of real estate and financial advisory. While working here, Todd( worked with many loan advisors and financial investors who he assisted in some matters. During his tenure, he landed some big clients who benefitted the company to a great extent. It was here that he made formed various work relationships, something which has benefited him in his company.

Few years after working with Legacy Financial Group, Todd Lubar decided to set out on his business venture and open his real estate company. With this goal in mind, Todd started Legendary Properties in 2002. The company worked with numerous clients and helped them with all their housing and rehabilitation needs. The company has provided their services to a broad customer base, from small families, to multi-storey properties. By doing this, the company was able to establish firm and trustworthy relationships with the clients they have served, thus benefiting the business as a whole.

Over the years, Legendary Properties has grown into the full-scale operation it is today. Todd has been involved with numerous business collaborations with different companies and has invested in numerous side businesses along the way. Todd also has an excellent understanding of systems and market structures and is thus able to take on the biggest market risks while still being beneficial to the company. For more info, visit Todd’s Crunchbase page.


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