Arthur Becker Making Headlines Again

Arthur Becker is a prominent man in New York City and around the world. He has been making headlines, for his entire career, in various industries. His latest endeavors in the New York City real estate market has definitely kept this trend going. The latest news broadcast of Mr. Becker was published on a real estate news website in March 2017. The article is titled; “The Condos Beckon: Arthur Becker Going It Alone on Tribeca Boutique Project.”

This article by PerezHilton, discusses the various New York City real estate projects that Arthur Becker has recently been involved in. In fact, it specifically discussed his latest project that is located in the Tribeca neighborhood on Washington Street. The project is not Mr. Becker’s first in the real estate industry. However, it is the first project he has personally had his own name on. The construction project involves remodeling and reconstructing an existing building. The final project will consist of eight luxury apartments that range in size from 2,000 square feet to 4,000 square feet. The price range for these luxury homes will average around $10,000,000.

The world of investment and real estate was not the first choice for Arthur Becker. He initially got a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts at Bennington College in 1972. He later went to the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth and earned his business degree. He has maintained a steady presence in both the fine arts and business industries ever since then.

Arthur Becker has an extensive career in real estate and investments. He has held many exciting positions during his career. Aside from Madison Partners, one of his most notable positions was the one at Vera Wang’s fashion company. He held that position for several years during his marriage to the designer. He was also CEO of NaviSite, managing member of Atlantic Investors, LLC., and managing director of Madison Technology Group, LLC. Mr. Becker is currently the managing member of Madison Partners,LLC. and the chairman and CEO of Zinio LLC, more info can be found on arthurbeckerstudio.


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