Fabletics And Their Online/Brick And Mortar Combination

Fabletics is a lovely company that was founded by Kate Hudson to offer women the finest in clothing options foe their busy days. There are many women who are shopping with the brand because they believe in what they do, and Kate has made the brand perfect for all women who wish to look their best. These women will look amazing when they have slid into the lovely clothes the brand makes, and this article explains how the brand is releasing new stores soon.


#1: Why Stores?


There are many stores that will be opened by Fabletics in the future, and their stores will carry what everyone sees online. The online products will be hanging from all the racks in the store, and women may try these clothes on if they like. They may buy something different from what they have bought online, and they may begin to complete outfits that they built from all Fabletics clothes. The clothes that women buy in the stores will be cut for their bodies, and it will help flatter their figures. The woman who looks her best in Fabletics clothes will be more confident when she leaves the house ready for a long day of errands, school runs and shopping.


#2: Using The Same Account


The same account that women have on the Fabletics site is used in the store, and women will see in the store what they saw online. This is the process of reverse showrooming, and it helps customers get familiar with a brand when they have been shopping with them online. Ladies will see new products in every Fabletics store, but they will not be in a position where everything is new. They may begin to build new ensembles, and they will have access to their online account if they like. The women who use their accounts properly will look much better because they will not duplicate items, and they will have something to wear that makes them feel comfortable in their own skin.


#3: Associates In The Store


Associates in the stores are happy to check the customer accounts, and they will use the accounts to help customers build the outfits they will wear every day. The outfits are made in the style of what a woman needs that day, and she may pair many things together to ensure that she looks her best. She may use the tights, tops, spots bras and sweaters to build an athleisure look, and she will look her best whether she goes to the gym, goes to the store or drops her kids at school.


Fabletics was made for all women who have no time in the morning to get ready. The lady who feel good in these clothes will notice that she has more confidence, and she may stuff a few more pieces from Fabletics in her gym bag before she leaves the house. The power of the Fabletics brand is in shopping in multiple ways, in multiple locations for multiple looks.

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