State of the Art Hospital Copa Star

Copa Star Hospital opened its newly constructed, luxurious, and state of the art technology unit in Rio De Janeiro Southern Zone, corner of Joseph Bloch, Figueiredo Magalhães street in October 2016. It is an investment worth more than 400 million dollars. It began in 2013. Jorge Moll is the founder, cardiologist, and the current President of Rede D’Or São Luiz. The unit has the best services that are exclusive and personalized. The services include complex surgery. People will no longer have to travel to Sao Paulo in the Lebanese-Syria or to Albert Einstein to receive such services. It combines comfort, luxury, and use of advanced technology in its operations. Its architectural design and decoration resemble that of a 5-star hotel. This is a concept that is usually adopted by Rede D’Or São Luiz in its ventures. It has seven floors and occupies a 21 thousand square meter area.

The Copa Star system has the modern medical equipment, neuro-surgery rooms with integrated magnetic resonance equipment, robotic medicine, and telemedicine. It also has hybrid rooms and intelligent operating rooms that allow the patient a level of autonomy where he or she can converse with the doctor or the nurses through a touch iPad that is available to the inpatients and is also a bed feature. It has an exclusive application that allows an intern to change the lighting of the room, open and close the curtains, and access the exam with his doctor. The Star Cup can assist to reconcile professional staff with hotel accommodation. There is an attached area that allows easy moving of stretchers and professionals. They have used the aromatization project and kinetic works of art by a Japanese painter called Yutaka Toyota to create somber and welcoming atmosphere. The technology is integrated with modern operations and flows redesigned with the total focus on the patient, their relatives, medical personnel, and assistants. They are based on international standards. Visit the site Rede D’Or for more info.

The Star Hospital staff received training for two months using tests and simulations on how to handle situations including emergency, how to approach patients, how to dress, and the makeup to wear before its opening. The team consists of 550 employees inclusive of 113 doctors. Standard FIFA professionals are part of the team. This new concept of hospitals will be introduced in other major centers in the country including Sao Paulo and Brasilia. The hospital accepts health coverage plans and all forms of payment. The areas of support such as billing, supply, clinical engineering, and maintenance clothing are operated on the third floor of Shopping Antiquários in Rua Siqueira Campos. This is a few meters from the future five-star unit that was also acquired by the D’Or network. Learn more on

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