Arthur Becker: Finding a New Path

For decades, Arthur Becker invested in tech and biotech companies. He made most of his fortune with companies like NaviSite. NaviSite was one of his biggest successes. He joined the company in the early 2000s and ran it until 2010. A year later, the company was bought by Time Warner Cable for $230 million. After the sale, he ran Zinio, a publishing platform.

Throughout his career, Becker has dabbled in many industries. He doesn’t specialize in anything particular. He’s worked in finance, tech, art, real estate, and even fashion. For seven years, he served as a senior advisor for the Vera Wang fashion company.

After leaving Zinio, Becker became more involved in real estate. He discovered he was talented a picking and developing amazing buildings. He’d invested in the real estate market before; back in Vermont, he restored old buildings. Today, he’s overseeing the development of several primed to sell buildings. Check out Crunchbase to know more.

His path to real estate excelled after his acquired 10 Sullivan Street. Prior to Sullivan Street, most of his real estate activity was a silent partner. He’d backed renowned investors like Michael Stern and Kevin Maloney. Most of his investments were in properties in New York and Florida.

After acquiring 10 Sullivan Street, Arthur Becker was approached by Maloney and Robert Gladstone’s Madison Equities. Becker exchanged his ownership of 10 Sullivan Street for three adjacent townhouses, also on Sullivan Street. He immediately began development. While it’s unclear exactly how much Becker spent on the projects, it is clear that he plans on living in one of the townhouses and selling the remaining two.

The 66-year-old former stockbroker believes his real success is just luck. He got into the market at the right time and bought the right properties. In many people’s opinion, Arthur Becker is selling himself short. Check out Ideamensch to know more.

As his projects draw to an end, he’s becoming more artistic. His Tribeca office doubles as his art studio. Many of his properties display his currency-inspired artwork. His interest in money is a reflection of society’s obsession.

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