Neurocore is a research group that started out wanting to find out if there were any notable differences in the brain of someone with psychological disorders and with those that have no disorders. The other thing that the group wanted to find out is if there is a drug free way of treating these people so that they can have a normal life. To start this process they simply started with their first questions and asked people if they could scan their brain. They scanned thousands of brains and found that the brains are physically different and thus the functions of the brain are different as well. So with knowing they brains were different they had to ask themselves how they were going to try to fix this without actually giving the patients any drugs. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

So the group started to research Neurocore brain training as at the time brain training was already known to help people focus better, and even to go as far as to help prevent degenerative brain diseases. So if brain training was already this powerful why not devise a program that can treat these disorders?

With years of research the group was able to determine that in order for brain training to work every patient would have to be carefully assessed as there was no brain training that was one size fits all. The group was able to make different programs depending on the disorder in which they were trying to treat. So from there they had to test it in which thousands of people ended up getting free treatment as they had to know if this was something that would work in the real world.


The results were remarkable as most people had experienced a reduction in their symptoms and an improvement in their overall well being. The more severe the problem in the first place the more likely that the person would still have some problems even with the brain training. But the training was a huge success so they opened up a clinic which now treats people from all over the country. The group is even trying to expand their clinics to be in more places. Read more about Neurocore at

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