A Review of Cotemar Mexico’s Services and Employee Reviews

Cotemar Mexico is a Mexican company that offers services in a number of areas. These include petroleum services, offshore construction, maritime services, specialized ships and offshore maintenance. Cotemar focuses on the provision of high quality services that are safe in order to fully meet the needs and expectations of its clientele base. The company also takes a number of steps towards fulfilling its sustainability obligations. Here is a review of the steps and strategy that the company takes in order to ensure its sustainability as well as reviews of its employees.


Company Values


Cotemar relies on its business ethics to communicate its guidelines, which support its transparency and other values that lead the company. Cotemar is based on an economic and social environmental commitment, values that are shared by everyone at the company. The company works hard to ensure that its employees lead a better quality of life by encouraging the fundamental commitment of all people as well as their families. This is done through industrial safety, health, equity program, education, sports and events that encourage the sense of family integration and belonging. Further, the company raises environmental awareness and care by backing sustainable operation schemes.


Services Rendered


In order to effectively deliver its services, Cotemar uses three tactical lines. Its first strategic line is the engineering, construction, modernization and maintenance. Cotemar focuses on modernization and innovation of its client processing platforms and centers e.g. in offshore assembly, prefabrication and installations. Its second tactical line is the specialized marine boats where the company transports light materials, food and personnel. It also has barges, tow ships and fire-fighting ships capable of transporting huge loads. All of these ships are properly monitored and inspected to ensure the safety of both facilities and personnel inside. Thirdly, the company offers food and lodging services, which take the form of ironing, bedding services, washing, preparing foodstuff and cleaning of all common areas.


Employees’ Views on Working for Cotemar


A number of Cotemar employees aired their views on how it feels like working for the company. A high number of these employees lauded the company for ensuring that it provides them with a pleasant working environment thereby reducing the occurrence of accidents. Cotemar trains its employees on the proper work and safety standards in order to ensure they are responsible while working. A majority of the employees also lauded the excellent lodging facilities and food that the company provides as well as its commitment towards them. Cotemar offers all employees great off days.