Securus Technologies Helping Keep Drugs Out of Jail

One of the biggest problems me and my fellow corrections officers face on a daily basis is locating and keeping drugs out of the prison. The most frustrating part of this task is knowing the inmates believe that they can get their hands on drugs with more ease than when they were out on the streets. Despite us making use of a number of resources, the drugs seem to continue to flow without any sign of slowing.


Each day we go through different routines in our efforts to stop drug use behind prison walls. One of the most successful efforts is in the visitor center. Here is where inmates are in very close quarters with guests, so we have to really check each person before and after the meeting to ensure nothing can change hands. We follow-up those visits with a cell inspection, in case the inmates are hiding things after the meetings. We even listen to inmate phone calls to try and get a jump on what they may be up to concerning illegal contraband.


When we first heard about Securus Technologies installing our telephone monitoring system, we already were having marginal success listening to the inmates talk on the phone. What we discovered was that the new LBS software was capable of doing the work of half my team, listening to every conversation while alerting us if any specific drug chatter was picked up. We didn’t know at the time how important this new resource was going to be in our efforts to clean up this prison.


Now when inmates are talking to their friends or family on the phone about how they get drugs, who is bringing in drugs, or where they are able to keep those drugs inside the jail, we can spring to action instantly and take those items away from them.

The Communications Platform of Securus Technologies is One That Should Be Implemented Into the Communications Departments of Many More Correctional Facilities Today

Securus Technologies is a communications platform that’s opening up many opportunities for not only its immediate users, but also those who live in communities that surround the correctional facilities the program has been installed in. Securus Technologies isn’t necessarily a form of communications that is utilized in our regular day to day activities in normal work environments. It is a form of communication that’s been set up primarily for inmates and visitors of theirs to utilize for the purposes of conducting visitation sessions in which their communications consist of chatting via methods of video conferencing.


If you’re wanting to know whether the program of Securus Technologies is something that’s solely benefiting its immediate users, then you may be glad to know that you may be benefiting from having it incorporated into the communicative systems of your correctional facility as well. This is mainly due to law enforcement agencies having access to the communications that occur between inmates and those who chat with them as visitors. If either of the parties of the video chat sessions happen to mention anything related to criminal matters, it’s highly likely law enforcement officials will utilize the segments as evidence to pursue criminal investigations. Not only are crimes being detected and solved with the utilization of Securus Technologies, it is also one that is acting as a catalyst of deterring crimes/preventing them from occurring in the first place. This is due to inmates in prisons being made aware of the particular program of Securus Technologies being utilized within the communicative systems of their correctional facilities, thus, discouraging them from engaging in criminal activities, as they know that anything that they do can be mentioned over the lines of communications by other inmates with the visitors that they speak to. It is a system that is essentially keeping everything in balance and one that should be utilized in more correctional facilities today.


Securus Technologies Provides Clarification To Misleading Allegations Provided By Global Tel Link

Securus Technology strives to supply affordable, dependable methods of communication for incarcerated individuals and their families. Global Tel Link, a competitor of Securus, is attempting to stop Securus from providing inmates with the communication services that they have been offering. By stating that they are seeking to file injunctions against Securus, GTL is spreading false claims that would present Securus in a negative light. Securus published an article in which they correct and clarify some of the inaccurate statements made by GTL.


GTL’s accusations are entirely dependent upon their claims being preserved by PTAB. Since PTAB hasn’t reviewed any of their claims, the statements that GTL is making against Securus are unsubstantiated and don’t have any merit.


GTL states that PTAB has preserved all 55 claims of their patent feature which enables corrections staff to monitor visitations when in fact, PTAB hasn’t even reviewed these claims. Securus maintains that even if PTAB were to review these claims, that it does not use the fundamental security feature that GTL is claiming as an infringement. GTL also tries to paint Securus as a bully amongst industry competitors when in fact, Securus has reached many intelligent and mutually beneficial arrangements with companies that also use their patented technology.


Securus Technologies is a provider of civil and criminal justice technologies. In regards to their telecommunication platforms, Securus’ goal is to offer affordable, dependable solutions to meet the communication needs of inmates and their families.